Work With Us

The E-signal Lab is looking for committed,  motivated and passionate undergrad students (estudantes de graduação/iniciação científica) interested in learning the mysteries of ECM-signaling in mammary gland morphogenesis and cancer. Students from non-biological science background (i.e. physists, chemists, mathematicians, etc) are also welcome. Lab experience is a not a requirement, but it is a great differential.

We also welcome ambitious  post-doctoral fellows interested in independently developing a research project on mammary gland morphogenesis and cancer. If you are interested in becoming an E-Signal postdoc, please send an email to Dr. Bruni-Cardoso with you CV, a brief cover letter and at least 2 contact-information. The potential post-doctoral fellow will need to apply for a FAPESP or a CNPq fellowship.

To become an E-signal lab graduate student (estudante de pós-graduação) you will need to enroll and pass the admission exam of the Graduate Program in Biochemistry  of the Department of Biochemistry-IQ- University of São Paulo.

If you wish to join our team, contact Dr. Bruni-Cardoso (email: